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  • Effective action
  • Stable results
  • Achievement of remission


Balsam Citopsor — innovative nonhormonal solid oil-based preparation for topical use, healing the skin in dermatoses (psoriasis, ecsema, pityriasis versicolor).

The preparation effectively neutralizes pathological manifestations such as exfoliation, itchiness and pinpoint bleeding.

It possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerative, anti-itch and immunomodulating action at the basic level.

According to dermatologists: "Citopsor effectively contributes to lesion resolution  at all stages of psoriasis.   It is used widely in stationary stage psoriasis and on the stage of recovering and in the exacerbation phase of the disease. Promotes liquidation of the skin lesions and regeneration of healthy epithelium."

Significant therapeutic efficiency of citopsor - 80% cases of stable remissions which are confirmed by

independent tests. 

Citopsor is a complex natural preparation that contains no hormones, antibiotics and toxins. It's active substaances are organic and mineral components.

Unique formulation of Citopsor complex includes silver nanoclusters; this is an application of new technologies in combination with folk remedies.

Silver nanoclusters represents nanocontainers deeply penetrating into skin layers while transporting molecular complex of the active substances and protecting from concomitant infection. 

Citopsor is a product manufactured in Ukraine in accordance with EU standards. The product has documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council INTSAS №UA.PN.060.0153-18. 

Бальзам Цитопсор



Innovative compositopn and formulation of Citopsor preparation were developed in result

of long-term laboratory researches and  are based on a prolonged practice.
Each component of the complex emphasizes the action of the preparation as a whole.

years of experience

stable remissions





Formulas and technologies for manufacturing are registered,

patented, sertified и tested.


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Warning! There are contraindications. Before use, you must read the

instructions and it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Individual characteristics of the organism can influence the result.

Not a medicine.




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