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medical advice or treatment.


The cost of balsam Citopsor (200 ml) is:

USA — 25 USD, Europe — 23 EUR.

Payment is made on a bank card Visa / Mastercard.

25 USD
23 EUR

Terms of payment and delivery


  • To order the drug Citopsor, you must fill out the online order form on the main page or lower on this page of the site. Pay the cost on a bank card Visa / Mastercard.

  • After receiving the order and payment, we will send you a parcel (also the number of the consignment note, by which you can track the parcel on the website of the post office or delivery service, if the services you selected provide it).

  • In a few days (usually 15-20 days, depending on the region of residence) you will receive a notice of receipt of a valuable parcel post in your department.

  • You need to go to the post office to receive the parcel with this notice (or the number of the consignment note) and the identity card.

  • We ship by economical international free shipping. If you want a different type of delivery or courier delivery, please indicate this in the order form. The cost of delivery in this case is determined and paid separately according to the tariffs and working conditions of the postal service or courier company.


Lead time

The lead time for your order (parcel preparation and shipment) is 1-2 working days. In some cases, this time may increase: for example, on weekends or holidays, upon receipt of the order at night, so we ask you to place an order in advance.

The delivery time depends on the conditions of the mail and the region (on average, about 15-20 days).

Delivery in Ukraine

In accordance with the privacy policy,

we do not share your data with third parties.


Delivery time 1-3 days (term calculation)

The cost of 26-50 UAH (cost calculation)

Payment upon receipt - cash on delivery


Delivery time 3-7 days (term calculation)

The cost of about 20 UAH (cost calculation)

Payment upon receipt - cash on delivery

Courier delivery in Kharkov - 70 UAH.

Courier delivery in Kiev - 70 UAH.

Delivery to Russia

It is carried out through a regional representative and depends on the working conditions of the post office and the distance of the region (on average, 5-10 working days). The method of payment, preparation of the parcel and its shipment depend on the conditions and mode of operation of the regional representative. The cost of delivery is determined by the tariffs and working conditions of the postal service or courier company.